Photo by Vladislav Nahorny from Pexels

The girl had always loved flowers. As a child, she would spend hours running through fields of wildflowers, picking bouquets for her mother and grandmother. They would always smile and tell her how pretty she looked with her arms full of colorful blooms.

Now, as an adult, she still loved flowers just as much. She often walked through the park near her home, admiring the different kinds of flowers that grew there. But one day, she came across a field of flowers that was unlike any she had seen before.

The field was vast and seemingly endless, filled with all sorts of flowers in every color imaginable. And in the center of it all was a beautiful girl submerged up to her waist in the blooms.

The girl was so captivated by the sight that she didn't even realize she was walking closer and closer to the edge of the field. And before she knew it, she was falling.

She landed right on top of the girl in the flowers, and they both sank down into the sea of blooms. Surrounded by the colorful petals, the girl felt like she was in a dream.

The two girls laughed as they floated around in the field of flowers, and the girl was filled with a sense of wonder. She had never felt so alive before. Eventually, they made their way back to shore and went their separate ways. But the girl knew that she would always remember the magical field of flowers and the girl she met there.

A very strange dream

Waking up from sleep she forgot where she was for a moment. It was then that she realized she was submerged in a sea of flowers. Above her was the most beautiful sky she had ever seen. The sun was shining and the clouds were fluffy and white. She tried to move but she was stuck. It was then that she saw the girl next to her. She was also submerged in the flowers but she wasn’t trying to move. She had her eyes closed and she looked peaceful.

The girl tried to call out to her but she couldn’t make a sound. It was as if the flowers were absorbing all the noise. She tried to move again but it was pointless. She looked around and saw that they were in some sort of dome. The flowers went all the way up and she couldn’t see a way out.

She started to feel panicky but she forced herself to calm down. She didn’t want to drown in a sea of flowers. She looked at the girl next to her and she was still asleep. She looked so peaceful and the girl envied her. She wished she could just close her eyes and fall asleep.

Suddenly, the girl woke up and she looked around in confusion. When she saw the girl next to her, she started to panic. The girl tried to reassure her that everything was okay but she didn’t believe her. She was still terrified and she started to cry.

The girl tried to comfort her but it was no use. She was too scared and she couldn’t stop crying. Suddenly, the flowers started to move and they started to climb up the girl’s body. She started to scream as the flowers engulfed her. The girl watched in horror as the girl was consumed by the flowers. She tried to move but she was still stuck. She was surrounded by the flowers and she couldn’t escape.

She closed her eyes and waited for the end. But it didn’t come. When she opened her eyes, she was back in her bed. It was all just a dream. But she could still hear the girl’s screams echoing in her head.