Photo by Zarina Khalilova

The girl had always been a bright and happy child, but when she turned 13 everything changed. She became withdrawn and moody, and her school grades started to slip. Her parents didn't know what to do, and they were worried about their daughter.

One day, the girl came home from school and went straight to her room, without even talking to her parents. They could hear her crying inside, and they tried to comfort her, but she wouldn't let them in. The girl stayed in her room for days, only coming out to eat and go to the bathroom.

Finally, her parents decided to take her to see a therapist. The therapist was able to help the girl open up about what was bothering her. She explained that she was afraid of growing up and didn't know how to cope with all the changes in her life. With the help of her therapist and her parents, the girl was able to start dealing with her fears and slowly started to feel better.

In a parallel world

A girl always wanted to travel to space, but she knew it was impossible. One day, she found a machine that could take her to another planet. She was scared at first, but she decided to go for it.

When she got to the other planet, she was amazed by how different it was. There were three suns in the sky and the air was full of sparkling dust. She met some friendly alien creatures who showed her around.

The girl had the time of her life on the other planet and she was sad when it was time to go home. But she was happy to have experienced something so amazing and knew that she would never forget her time on the other planet.

In another universe

A girl lived in a world that was always at war. She had seen her friends and family killed in the fighting, and she was tired of it. One day, she decided to go on a solo mission to take out the enemy headquarters.

She snuck into the building and took out all of the guards. When she got to the main room, she saw the enemy leader. She was about to kill him when she realized that this would only start a new cycle of violence.

Instead, she captured the leader and took him to the authorities. As a result of her actions, the war finally came to an end. The girl was hailed as a hero and she was able to start a new life in a world that was at peace.