Photo by Emma Bauso
Photo by Emma Bauso.

They had been planning it for months, ever since they first saw the ad in the back of the magazine. It was perfect for them: a little cabin in the woods, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. They had both been working long hours at their jobs and were ready for a change.

The day finally came when they packed up their car and headed out on the long drive. As they got closer to their destination, they could feel the excitement building. When they arrived, they couldn't believe their eyes. The cabin was even more perfect than they had imagined.

Photo by Konstantin Finyuk
Photo by Konstantin Finyuk

They spent the next week settling in and exploring the woods around their new home. It was like a dream come true. They felt more connected to nature than they ever had before. Every morning, they would wake early and spend hours hiking and exploring. In the evenings, they would cook dinner together and then sit out on the porch, watching the stars come out. They were happy in their little cabin and they knew they would never want to leave.

Cabin in the woods

The cabin in the woods was everything that they had hoped for. It was cosy and comfortable, with a fireplace for those cold winter nights. They loved exploring the woods around their new home, and every day felt like an adventure.

They had been living there for a few months when they began to notice strange things happening in the woods. They would hear strange noises at night, and sometimes they would see lights moving in the distance.

One night, they woke up to find a bright light shining through the windows. They got out of bed to see what was going on, and they saw a UFO in the clearing near the cabin.

They watched as the UFO seemed to be scanning the area. They were terrified, but they couldn't look away. After a few minutes, the UFO flew off into the night, leaving them feeling shaken and confused. They didn't know what to make of what they had seen, but they knew one thing for sure: there was definitely something strange going on in the woods.